This informative course takes a deep-dive into the complexities of the 1031 Deferred Exchange tax code and how it can truly benefit your Real Estate portfolio and transition planning! Increase your investment returns by understanding and implementing the 1031 Exchange Rules. This strategy teaches how the qualified intermediary can facilitate a capital gains tax deferral for the real estate investor who is willing to exchange for other like-kind replacement properties. Scott dives into the terminology and acronyms, the formulas and calculations necessary to make the most of your exchange. He covers the history of this tax code and it’s influence on capital gains taxes. This strategy can be applied to both commercial and residential real estate transactions. Learn how exchanges will not only greatly impact your cash flow but can also direct your legacy planning. Scott also shares insights about how many of the myths surrounding 1031 Exchanges, such as partnership issues and like-kind issues, can all be managed when properly prepared for. You will know the types of exchanges available to you and the best way to secure a higher return on your investment. Join Scott, as he explores the legalities and options surrounding this profitable real estate investment strategy.