The Benefits Of Income-Producing Real Estate Investments

When you are looking for ways to steadily increase your wealth, there are a few different options available to you. One of the most exciting and lucrative ways to earn a nice recurring passive income is to consider owning rental properties. Here are a few reasons why we here at love income-producing real estate investments.

Regular Cash Flow – Rental properties are ideal for producing regular, monthly income. The more units that you’re able to rent or lease to reliable tenants, the more profit potential you have.

Provide Financial Leverage – When you own commercial or residential real estate, these assets can get used as collateral to get loans to acquire even more property to build your wealth further. The more rental properties that you buy, the more money you can earn as an investor.

Hedges Against Inflation – Every dollar printed creates an interrelated liability. Historically, real estate investments are closely correlated to inflation, especially when compared to other investment types including Corporate Bonds, 10-year Treasury Notes, and even the S&P 500.

Favorable Tax Benefits – People who own real estate benefit from tax breaks when tax season rolls around. Mortgage Interest Deductions and Special Provisions that may allow investors to defer all taxable gains to the future. Some improvements may also qualify for additional tax credits that help lower your tax liabilities.

Revitalize Communities – As a real estate investor, you have the opportunity to not only acquire commercial and residential properties and revitalize them to improve the community as a whole. There is a lot of pride and distinction that goes into contributing to the place where your family, friends, and neighbors call home.

While no one can guarantee the future, there are no indicators that the demand for rental properties is likely to slow down. According to reports in 2015, more Americans than ever before are renting homes – and they’re paying more in rent, too.

If you leverage yourself correctly, you can position yourself for greater profits as an investor. By joining National Real Estate Investors Group, you get the opportunity to get the education and the professional network you need to prosper as a real estate investor, in any market environment. Our National Group is currently looking for motivated, self-starters who want to build a reliable foundation for personal and professional growth, success, and wealth building.

To learn more about the real estate investing opportunities at, we encourage you to book an appointment to speak with one of our representatives or register for our webinar that focuses on Income-Producing Real Estate Investments.

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