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Who We Are

National Real Estate Investors Group is a Nationwide Group of Expert Real Estate Investors who are committed to helping individuals learn Real Estate Investing strategies to leverage existing financial processes and mechanisms. By working with us, you’ll learn how to apply these strategies to:

Get Out Of Debt

  • Pay off “amortized” front end loaded debt (known as 1-way debt)
  • Pay 2/3 less in taxes each and every year
  • Save 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars on your mortgage

Pay off a 30-year mortgage in 7-10 years

  • No increase in your existing monthly budget
  • No extra payments
  • Bi-weekly Payments
  • No Refinancing

Michael Harrington

President – National Real Estate Investors Group

Bill Oehme

Bill Oehme

National Sales Director – National Real Estate Investors Group

Michael Harrington

Founder of National Real Estate Investors Group, Michael R. Harrington is a seasoned expert in Commercial Real Estate Development with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

“My goal is to help as many people as possible eliminate economic insecurity by equipping them with the tools and training they need to control their financial future. Times have changed. A college education no longer guarantees job security and economic prosperity. Instead, it represents student loan debt for millions of people across the United States. Even worse, changing market conditions that resulted in corporate downsizing and more outsourcing have displaced older individuals in the workforce, sending them to the unemployment line with limited options to pursue a career in their field of work. Sadly, this is a cold, hard reality. I assist people of all ages who want a stable profession in an ever-growing  industry by teaching an EPIC (Education, Property, Income and Community) Program which sets them free from these worrisome concerns.”

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Bill Oehme

Bill Oehme is the National Sales Director for NREIGRP. He has a background in Engineering. His experience includes designing computer systems and managing teams of professionals.

Bill’s greatest passion is helping others achieve financial independence through business creating and real estate investing. A real Value Creation Expert, he’s completed over 100 successful Real Estate deals, holds 3 US patents, and now teaches others to realize the incredible benefits of wealth creation and passive income. He is always available for NREIGRP members to discuss deals and ideas.

Bill and his family live in Georgia and now spend most of their time rescuing and caring for abused and neglected animals. Check out their charity at Circle of Friends Animal Society.

Bill’s investing success has allowed him to purchase a sanctuary farm where the animals live until volunteers find them forever homes. COFAS finds homes for over 1000 animals a year.

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The Plan

  • Create “non-taxable” wealth vs. “taxable” income
  • Put Retirement Plans, 401k’s etc. to work for you for greater ROI
  • Learn how to buy property at DEEP Discounts/Exit Strategies

EPIC Program

  • Education
  • Property
  • Income
  • Community

Mortgage/Debt Acceleration

This ONE Strategy ALONE works for:

  • Mortgages (Amortized Debt)
  • Student Loan Debt (Amortized Debt)
  • Credit Card Debt (Amortized Debt)
  • Car Loans (Amortized Debt)

Our Ideal Partners and Students

  • Executive/Business Professionals who understand ROI
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals starting a career, career change or are in transition
  • Realtors and Brokers wanting to offer more value to clients
  • Motivated individuals looking to make a difference in their lives
  • Seasoned investors looking to expand their business

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Benefits of Joining NREIGP

  • Access to Cutting-edge tools, technology, and training for REI success in all market conditions!
  • Support from a Nationwide Network of Affluent Real Estate Investors.

  • Flexible Training that allows you to learn at your pace and accommodates your existing schedule.
  • “Earn While You Learn” Program gives you the opportunity to make money while you’re still in training.
  • Online and In-Person Real Estate Investment Training available for students of all ages.

Real Estate Investor Training Course Options

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