Everyone wants to know how the Student becomes the Master. Darren Davis chronicles his journey from student to master real estate investor in this dynamic and detailed class. Darren shares how laser focus on just one aspect of the Auctions process, the property analysis, made the difference in his investing career. Darren has analyzed literally thousands of properties and purchased hundreds on his journey to financial freedom. Learn “the” method and how to PREP for the auction by Prioritizing, Researching, Estimating and Putting in your bid on potential investment projects. Darren shares his highly personalized spreadsheets and shows how you can build automation into your research to evaluate a much higher number of potential investments while saving time and learning to discard quickly the ones that don’t meet your portfolio requirements. Learn how to find local online resources that literally allow you to research hundreds of properties in a day. Know how to determine your max bid to win more auctions, and how to build contingency planning into each deal. Get insider tips on how to conduct visual inspections of the properties before you buy and identify hidden pitfalls that catch every novice investor. Darren also shares what to do after you have won the property and how to jumpstart your flipping, wholesale, or buy and hold strategy.