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Michael Harrington is the Founder and CEO of National Real Estate Investors Group, headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

Straightforward Steps To Become a Real Estate Broker

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If you are thinking about starting or extending your career in Real Estate, one of the career tracks worth exploring is that of a Real Estate Broker. Like any profession, the more you know and understand the nature of the business, the more informed of a decision you can make about whether it is right for [...]

Why Working With A Real Estate Investment Mentor Can Change Your Life

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Sometimes in real estate, it isn't always 'what' you know, so much as it is 'who' you know in the industry. Having an advantage of both knowledge and a personal network including a Real Estate Investment Mentor is ideal. If you haven't previously worked with a Real Estate Investment Mentor, here are some reasons to consider [...]

Tips To Pick The Best Real Estate Business Name

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If you're serious about your career as a real estate investor, one of the first orders of business is establishing your real estate business name. As with any business you want to choose a namesake that's representative of your professional aspirations, goals, and objectives. Additionally, establishing an official company name or brand gives you a foundation [...]

Best Practices When Listing Your Home For Sale

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Do you currently have or are you thinking about listing your home for sale? If so, the chances are good that you want to derive as much value from your residence as possible. First impressions are the most important, so taking measures to improve what potential buyers see when they view your property is a smart [...]

What Do I Need To Know About Property Taxes?

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As a Real Estate Investor or a property owner, it's critical that you account for all expenses associated with ownership. One of the more significant factors that contribute to higher overhead costs is Property Taxes. Property Taxes Aren't "One Size Fits All" One thing to keep in mind is there is no "One Size Fits All" [...]

Reap The Benefits of High LTV for Hard Money!

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Are you searching for a commercial real estate loan option with high LTV for hard money? If so, this loan program could be the answer to your financing needs. Requirements For The New Bridge/Rehab Program Fico: 500+. Yes, the lender goes down to 500! Loan Terms: 12 months, interest only Loan Size: $75K to $1 Million [...]

Is A No Income Verification Loan Right For You?

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Do any of the following situations illustrate your current lending or borrowing circumstances? If so, we might be able to assist with a No Income Verification Loan for your next Commercial Real Estate investment! You are self-employed but don't show enough income to qualify for loans with a traditional bank? Are you a real estate investor with [...]

Take Advantage of Bank Rates with Cash Out Financing

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Did you know that you may qualify for a Commercial Real Loan with Bank Rates with Cash Out Financing? Here is more information on qualification requirements for this unique loan product: FICO Score: Typically 650+. The lender will work with credit challenged borrowers as long as their credit issues have gotten resolved and the reason behind [...]

Start A Commercial Real Estate Lending Business For $500!

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A $25,000 franchise for $500? How is this opportunity even available? What's the catch? What's the product? Let's start backward. The product is money. That's right, we sell money! Doesn't sound hard to sell, does it? In fact, you don't sell money, you simply tell people you have it! Everyone needs it right now or will [...]

Get A Commercial Real Estate Investment Loan With No Seasoning On Down Money

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Are you looking for an alternative commercial loan with no seasoning on down money? If so, National Real Estate Investors Group is excited to offer a unique program for qualified borrowers. Here is the list of Commercial Real Estate Investment Loan With No Seasoning On Down Money Program Requirements: FICO Score: 650 or Above Loan Terms: [...]