With the new year just around the corner, you might be reflecting on the year that’s the past and looking ahead to what the future holds. If you think that you need to make some changes in your financial prospects, we currently have opportunities available to become a Home Investor with NREIGRP.

Advantages of Becoming a Home Investor With NREIGRP

– Comprehensive Training and Education – Real Estate Education and Training is the core of becoming a home investor with NREIGRP. We offer several levels of real estate investment training, empowering our members to specialize in the aspects of real estate investing that’s most appealing to them.

Educational Tracks our members can take include Lease Options, Fix and Flip Properties, Investing in Multi-Family Units, Short Sales, Notes, Tax and Deed Liens, as well as more advanced topics including tax strategies and debt consolidation. Courses and training are available in person at our Buffalo, NY REI Training Center or Online for members who don’t reside in our local area.

– Mentorship and a Supportive Network – As a new or even an experienced real estate investor, the more connections you have in the industry, the better! When you join National Real Estate Investors Group, you extend your professional network of like-minded real estate investors instantly!

Those who enroll in Real Estate Education and Training receive expert mentorship, so anytime you have a question you can ask someone who’s reached millionaire status within the organization. Further, upon completion of all necessary coursework, qualified home investors get the opportunity to get private funding for personal property investment projects within our National Group.

– Advancement Opportunities Available – Our unique “Earn While You Learn” Training Program allows home investors to learn all of the ropes in REI and make extra money while they’re doing it.

Additionally, we are always looking for motivated people who want to establish a branch of their own in their preferred US location. With the current economic climate, early 2017 is the perfect time to start putting down the groundwork to build a thriving career as a home investor.

– You Want A Career That Can Grow With You – When you’re making a career choice, it’s always smart to choose something that has stability, profitability, and the chance to do something you love! As a home investor with NREIGRP, you can have all of these things. Ongoing education and training keep you abreast of changes in the industry, so you’re always on top of your game!

If you would like to start 2017 with a new career goal in home investing in mind, Contact Us to start the conversation!