Foreclosed Properties

Are Foreclosure Properties Worth Investing In?

For many real estate investors, Foreclosure Properties offer a relatively easy way to acquire residential and commercial properties at a ...
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Investing In Real Estate

REI – Start Where You Stand When Investing in Real Estate

If you want to become a real estate investor, start right away. Begin saving money for a down payment. Come ...
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Multi-Unit Home For Investors

The Advantages of Owning Multi-Family Homes for Investors

Perhaps the biggest advantage for a real estate investor who owns a multi-family home is scale. Long-term, successful property investment ...
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Home Investor With NREIGRP

Become A Home Investor With NREIGRP

With the new year just around the corner, you might be reflecting on the year that's the past and looking ...
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Free Class Offering

New Free Class Offering At NREIGRP Training Center

Have you always wanted to learn more about you can build wealth as a Real Estate Investor? If you answered ...
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Short Sale Homes

How To Take Advantage of Short Sales

If you're thinking about starting as a real estate investor, one of the options for acquiring investment properties is by ...
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Residential Real Estate Investing

Residential Real Estate Investing Offers Opportunities for ROI

If you are searching for new hobby or profession that offers the potential for high returns and rewards on your ...
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Private Money Lenders

Leverage Private Money Loans to Build Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

One of the stipulations of being a real estate investor is the fact that you need to have cash to ...
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It’s An Eventful Week At NREIGRP!

This week is an exciting one at NREIGRP. Our National Real Estate Investment Group is growing by leaps and bounds! ...
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Leverage A Real Estate Investors Group

Leverage A Team to Make More Real Estate Investment Deals

If you've ever spent an afternoon watching any of the popular Real Estate Investing TV shows, the chances are good ...
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New Members

National Real Estate Investors Group Welcomes New Members

October is proving to be a great month for new members at National Real Estate Investors Group! We're excited to ...
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Private Real Estate Investors

Now Seeking Private Real Estate Investors to Join Our REI Group

National Real Estate Investors Group is currently seeking Private Real Estate Investors to join our Nationwide Network. Our objective is ...
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