Take Advantage of Bank Rates with Cash Out Financing

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Did you know that you may qualify for a Commercial Real Loan with Bank Rates with Cash Out Financing? Here is more information on qualification requirements for this unique loan product: FICO Score: Typically 650+. The lender will work with credit challenged borrowers as long as their credit issues have gotten resolved and the reason behind [...]

Start A Commercial Real Estate Lending Business For $500!

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A $25,000 franchise for $500? How is this opportunity even available? What's the catch? What's the product? Let's start backward. The product is money. That's right, we sell money! Doesn't sound hard to sell, does it? In fact, you don't sell money, you simply tell people you have it! Everyone needs it right now or will [...]

Get A Commercial Real Estate Investment Loan With No Seasoning On Down Money

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Are you looking for an alternative commercial loan with no seasoning on down money? If so, National Real Estate Investors Group is excited to offer a unique program for qualified borrowers. Here is the list of Commercial Real Estate Investment Loan With No Seasoning On Down Money Program Requirements: FICO Score: 650 or Above Loan Terms: [...]

Get the Commercial Property Loan You Need Quickly

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When a tremendous commercial real estate opportunity presents itself, time is of the essence to secure a favorable deal. With that, also comes the need for fast, reliable funding. If you've struggled to get financed or you're tired of dealing with traditional lenders and banks, you can take comfort knowing that there are other ways to access [...]

Let Us Help You Fund Your REI Project!

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At National Real Estate Investors Group, we understand the importance of getting access to funding for your Commercial Real Estate Investing projects. When working with a traditional lender, loan decisions are made based on a variety of factors. If your bank said 'no' to your loan request, we're here to help. Our team of professional real [...]

NREIGRP Upcoming Events

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 Do you want to establish additional income streams? Are you interested in joining a community that's there to support you every step of the way launching or bettering your existing business? Then be sure to check out the WINS our community is experiencing and make plans to attend some of our upcoming events. List of Upcoming [...]

It’s An Eventful Week At NREIGRP!

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This week is an exciting one at NREIGRP. Our National Real Estate Investment Group is growing by leaps and bounds! To support the rapid expansion of our Real Estate Group, we're offering multiple Live Events for anyone who is interested in learning more and joining our team. Here Are the Details of This Week's Events Where: [...]

National Real Estate Investors Group Welcomes New Members

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October is proving to be a great month for new members at National Real Estate Investors Group! We're excited to announce that our Buffalo-based Investor Center added three new members to our roster! Welcome to Our New Members! Sofia A. Sofia A. joined National Real Estate Investors Group in early October. In her short time working [...]