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Attend Our Real Estate Investing Webinars

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At National Real Estate Investors Group, we believe that 2017 is an excellent year to get involved in the fun and lucrative business of REI. We also maintain that getting a thorough education in the subject empowers real estate investors to make smarter business deals. Not sure where to start? If you answered 'yes' to this [...]

Do You Need Help Starting A Real Estate Investment Group?

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There is no doubt that the Real Estate Industry is an exciting career path for anyone who isn't happy to settle for the regular 9-5 lifestyle. While becoming a REI professional without the help of others is possible to do, this isn't always the best solution for everyone. For this reason, joining or starting a real [...]

Free Up Your Cash Flow and Push REI Profit to New Heights

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Real estate investors need their cash to flow like the mighty Mississippi. When it doesn't, and money is coming in more like a trickle from a frozen lake, you have a problem! That's why learning how to maintain a disciplined approach to your investments makes a big difference in REI profit. When you stay in charge [...]

Take A Real Estate Flipping Course Offered By National Real Estate Investors Group

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Are you thinking about getting started as a Real Estate Flipper? If you answered 'yes' to this question, the best way to assure that you have success is by taking a Real Estate Flipping Course offered by National Real Estate Investors Group. While buying and flipping residential properties sounds relatively straightforward, there are a ton of [...]

Real Estate Mentoring Puts You on the Fast Track to Consistent Profits

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When you're ready to propel yourself to the next level in real estate investing, real estate mentoring offers real life value. Don't fool yourself; there are quite a few moving parts to making investments. It's crucial you understand the basics of financing, market research, and the local real estate sector. You must gain a thorough grounding [...]

Start Your Real Estate Investor Career With NREIGRP!

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Now is a fantastic time to start your real estate investor career. The housing market remains a central issue for the country, and new leadership means lots of changes are coming. Why is change good, you wonder? During periods of uncertainty, investors have a rare chance to catch on to new trends that are developing. That's [...]

Maximize Real Estate Return On Investment For More Profit

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As a real estate investor, one of the largest objectives is to maximize real estate return on investment. In plain language, this means earning as much profit as possible from all property holdings, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial in nature. Ways To Get A Real Estate Return On Investment There are a few [...]

How To Buy Rental Properties With No Credit Or Money

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If you're like most of us, you've heard stories about people who buy rental properties and make great returns on their investment. The chances are good that you've probably wondered what the secret to their success was, too. Contrary to what you may think, becoming a successful real estate investor doesn't mean you have to have [...]

Are Foreclosure Properties Worth Investing In?

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For many real estate investors, Foreclosure Properties offer a relatively easy way to acquire residential and commercial properties at a discounted rate. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when backing a foreclosure investment property. Foreclosure Properties Get Sold In "As Is" Condition Unlike traditional real estate, where potential buyers get to walk [...]

REI – Start Where You Stand When Investing in Real Estate

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If you want to become a real estate investor, start right away. Begin saving money for a down payment. Come up with an investing strategy to gain control of a building. The best time to start a career in the property market is right now. Investing in real estate is about creating wealth in the long [...]