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Accelerated Investor Training

In-depth, advanced real estate investment courses for a thorough learning experience that is tailored to your specific investing goals.

The Complete Curriculum is delivered in distinct vocational paths, which fit into either a Real Estate or Wealth Management focus, taught by seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in their respective fields. These courses give the most effective direction to help students achieve full understanding of each individual path. 

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Core Classes + Strategy Classes + Bonus Classes = Complete Education


The Complete Curriculum begins with a solid foundation of three courses in either a Real Estate focus or a Wealth Management focus. These courses are composed of universal content that is applicable in all the related learning paths. This is followed by education strategy courses that go in-depth with vital content. Then take the recommended bonus courses to complete the educational experience. 


Powerful Real Estate Investment Courses

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Real Estate Focus

These courses focus on the Real Estate transactions of investing, offering a variety of strategies and emphases to fit the needs of each individual. 

These paths have been carefully composed and organized so that any individual path will provide the knowledge required to successfully utilize that strategy to increase the size and value of a real estate investment portfolio. 

Wealth Management Focus

These courses focus on entrepreneurship and business-related financial processes.  

The Finance/Entrepreneur focus currently offers three valuable paths to address the most prevalent needs of students, and offers the direction they need when facing major financial decisions. 

Complete Education Includes All of the Following Real Estate
and Wealth Management Vocation Paths

(Essentials Course Package Included)

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Fix & Flip

Lease Options


Short Sales

Notes, Tax Liens, & Deeds

Commercial Real Estate

Business Management

Retiring in Real Estate

Wealth Acceleration

All AIT Bonus Tracks

Real Estate Investment Courses

Consistent, Convenient, Effective Education

Whether you are fresh out of Real Estate School and want to learn investing, are new to Real Estate Investment, or have been investing for years, there is never a better time to further your education and invest in yourself. Enroll in Real Estate Investment Courses you can take online, at your convenience and learn at your own pace.  Over 30 Practitioner Instructors teach what they do every single day to help you succeed!

Watch (4) Education Introductions:

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