Contracts are the most important resource in an investor’s tool-kit. They will make or break your deals, directly determine your profit or loss, and ensure that each party gets what they bargained for. Attorney, educator, and speaker, Nicole Call, helps you understand the power behind each clause in the Real Estate Purchase Contract. Nicole begins with basics, such as: What are contracts? Where can I find good contract templates? Why and when do I use specific forms in my real estate investing? Gain access to contract checklists and REPC instructions while learning about contract addenda, ancillary contracts and rental/lease agreements. Know when you may need additional legal counsel to protect your interests and get the deal done. Review the nitty gritty details of how best to complete these important documents and empower yourself with the tools to get the deal done fast and right, the first time. This course will have you negotiating better deals, faster closes and more investment transactions for your real estate portfolio.