Training # 1

Velocity Banking Strategy

What You Will Learn:

  • Get out of Debt
  • Use Banks’ Money to Pay Off Loans
  • Save Thousands in interest
  • Use Debt as a Wealth-Creation Tool

Course Length: 11:58


Training # 2


What You Will Learn:

  • Build Wealth and Cashflow, not Income
  • Profits are Always Better Than Wages
  • Why Rich Folks Pay NO Income Taxes
  • How Wealthy and Working Folks Think

Course Length: 13:41


Training # 3

The REAL Retirement Plan

What You Will Learn:

  • Asset-Based Retirement Plans are designed to fail
  • Wall Street & Government are Lying to You
  • Retire in 3-5 Years with our Cashflow-Based Plan
  • Create Wealth Instantly instead of “Hope and Pray”
  • NEVER outlive your money
  • Create a legacy for future generations starting now

Course Length: 9:22


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