Veteran Real Estate Broker and Land Developer, Gary Cannon, takes students through the often-overlooked and very lucrative world of land development. Focusing on large land parcels and small in-fill development parcels, Gary shows us that you don’t have to be a major corporate builder to find and entitle real estate. Learn how to create a step-by-step development plan for any size and type of property, and then learn how to work with government entities and utility companies to get your project approved. Discuss in-depth when you might want to wholesale a project, entitle buildable lots, or complete a full-scale development plan with infrastructure and marketing. Learn how to estimate costs for projects before you pull permits and pay development fees. Networking is key and Gary shares how you, as an investor, can create relationships with key players in the development arena, which will allow you to find more deals, complete more projects, and greatly outpace the competitors. Find thousands of dollars in additional revenue and more completed projects because you can see projects other developers can’t. Let your own vision and imagination guide you on the path to financial freedom.