When your time becomes too valuable to manage every asset in your real estate portfolio personally, you need to know how to select, track and evaluate the right property manager for your business! If you are not there yet, learn detailed strategies and tricks of the trade from one of the best property managers in the business. Learn what role a property manager should play in your business and how to manage responsibilities between the investor, tenants and the property management company. Learn how to interview potential property managers and negotiate strong contracts where both the company and the investor win. Learn federal and state laws that apply to the ownership and management of residential housing. Find quality tenants through a systematic and vigorous screening process that is easy to use and manage. Understand the process that must be followed when a tenant breaks the lease terms and how to protect your investment. Interpret responsibility for rental repairs. Understand and identify the required documents for a good tenant relationship. Master the principles of the self-management of rental portfolios, and learn when and how you can transition to third-party management. Experience the level of freedom investors gain when they use property managers to maximize profitability and free up time to find more investment properties. Throughout his course Chris Wilson identifies with you the key components of a strong management agreement, detailed property management checklists, property management documents and the other tools investors need to successfully implement property management.