Michael Harrington

Founder and CEO

Founder of National Real Estate Investors Group, Michael R. Harrington is a seasoned expert in Commercial Real Estate Development with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

“My goal is to help as many people as possible eliminate economic insecurity by equipping them with the tools and training they need to control their financial future. I assist people of all ages who want a stable profession in an evergreen industry by teaching an EPIC (Education, Property, Income and Community) Program which sets them free from these worrisome concerns.”

  • Save on Secured and Non-Secured Interest and Debt!
  • Reduce Annual Taxes by as much as 66%!
  • Build A Retirement Plan You Can Depend On!
  • Pay off Credit Cards!
  • Say Goodbye To Student Loan Debt!
  • Build a Path To Wealth For Your Family!
  • Maximize Your Retirement Plan!
  • Fire Your Boss!
  • Build Your Skills and Your Professional Network!
  • Accelerate your Mortgage Payoff!
  • Earn While You Learn!
Member Testimonials

"We were amazed how debt elimination could work for our family and how we could pay off our house in just a few years. After we studied the classes, we are on track to pay off our house in 6.17 years and save $286,935 in interest! Why don’t they teach this in high school? Not to mention that we're saving on our taxes, too. Our next goal is to start buying rental houses and getting passive income!"

Maria and Mark S.

"Most Americans want to eliminate their debt, as well as generate ancillary revenue streams to supplement or replace their current income. One of the biggest challenges is learning what strategies to use throughout all phases of your professional career. Velocity Banking is a unique financial approach that helps you understand how to thrive financially, in all market conditions."

Duane S.

"Velocity Banking for debt elimination is a high-level strategy that everyone should use. It isn't about the money you're saving for yourself. It's about having the extra resources and money so your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, siblings, your entire family can save for generations! Even better, use the strategy to grow a real estate portfolio! Be the hero for your family and let us show you the path!"

Lori T.

Work With Michael Harrington to Improve Your Future!

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