Whether you are looking for passive income for the long term or a one-time massive payday, you need to learn how to flip Multi-Family housing projects, just like you flip single family homes. Real estate investor, author and speaker, Nathan Tabor has done it all when it comes to Multi-Family Housing. Learn what type of property fits your business needs and portfolio, and find your niche in the real estate world. Nathan covers the pros and cons of various multi-family property types and the best ways to locate them. (Hint: networking!) Learn the property classifications and the guidelines on evaluating deals, establishing value and nailing the negotiations. Nathan also presents how to draft a written offer and the steps you shouldn’t miss when conducting due diligence. Use Nathan’s information to generate high return on your investment. Funding will also be covered in depth, including private money and loan terms, giving you the knowledge you need to “Flip” that property and fill your bank account.