There is no doubt that the Real Estate Industry is an exciting career path for anyone who isn’t happy to settle for the regular 9-5 lifestyle. While becoming a REI professional without the help of others is possible to do, this isn’t always the best solution for everyone. For this reason, joining or starting a real estate investment group is a logical decision for both experienced and novice real estate investors.

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Starting A Real Estate Investment Group Isn’t Difficult

If you are thinking about starting a Real Estate Investment Group, but you’re not sure where to begin, the best advice is to seek wise counsel from others like members of National Real Estate Investors Group. The advantages of doing so are plentiful. The first advantage is that you get professional mentorship, training, and education from established investors who have years of experience in the field. Secondly, you get the benefit of growing your network exponentially. The larger you grow your personal and professional network, the more opportunities you’ll find to work with others with the goal of making fruitful and lucrative real estate deals.

Now Seeking Charter Members Throughout The United States

National Real Estate Investors Group is now seeking Charter members who are interested in fast-tracking a Real Estate Investment Group in their area. While we’re open to new charters in all cities and metropolitan areas, regions, where we would like to initiate Charter Real Estate Investing Groups, include Sacramento, CA., Ogden, UT., Denver, CO., Portland, OR., Knoxville, TN., Orlando, FL., and Nashville, TN.

National Real Estate Investors Group offers training, tools, software, and the network you need to succeed in any real estate deal, whether you’re interested in doing residential fix and flips, commercial real estate, or purchasing multi-unit homes that generate a passive monthly income.

Online classes and meetings make it convenient for new members to learn at their pace, from the comfort of home. Additionally, new NREIGRP members can choose to attend in-person, live seminars and conferences that take place in locations including Buffalo, Chicago, Palm Beach, and other places nationwide.

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