Bob Snyder teaches that negotiations in business, and in life, is an art not a science. Gain specific tips and techniques on intangible negotiation tactics like attitude and optimism, in addition to the trade specific skills such as the 8-steps to negotiations and the walk-away technique. Creating positive outcomes is directly tied to your ability to solve problems. In Negotiations, the master negotiator teaches you how to look for and find the other parties pain points and how to create win-win outcomes for everyone. Learn the function of questions, and how to translate that skill into more deals and more profit. This immersive training will allow you the opportunity to represent both a seller and a buyer in negotiations with practical ap-plication and real-life case studies. In addition, learn how to gain and manage power in negotiations with 30 strategies and success tactics. Together, this class and your prepara-tion will ensure that you gain and keep the advantage position in all your business and investment transactions.