Have you always wanted to learn more about you can build wealth as a Real Estate Investor? If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, you want to be sure not to miss our new free class offering hosted at our State-Of-The-Art Training Center in Buffalo, NY.

The topic of this free class is “How To Build Wealth With Rental Properties.

Rental properties have long been a reliable and integral part of a successful real estate investors wealth building strategy. One of the biggest reasons that investors love buying these type of properties is because they are ideal for generating passive, recurring, monthly income.

But before you just jump into buying potential rental properties, it’s imperative that you understand all of the different aspects of becoming a landlord and rental property owner.

In recent years, the demand for high-quality rental housing has increased as a result of the economic turndown in the housing industry. Many homeowners who found themselves ‘underwater’ on the value of their home, were unable to make mortgage payments or lost their home to foreclosure or bankruptcy suddenly had to find rental homes when they got displaced from their home.

According to recent data from RealtyTrac, there are currently over 905,000 properties that are in some phase of the foreclosure process. This figure includes owners who are currently in default on their loan, or the property is up for auction or is bank-owned, so the need for rental housing to accommodate these changes in ownership are still relatively high.

While it is unfortunate for those who were affected negatively by the downturn, the upside for savvy real estate investors is the fact that they can acquire these distressed properties, sometimes at a very deep discount than paying full price. The money saved on being a better-positioned buyer can get used to making capital improvements, renovations, and repairs to the property which in turn justifies asking for a more competitive rental rate.

For real estate investors who owned even a small sized portfolio of rental housing, this change in the demographics of homeowners was a shift that helped them strengthen their position as successful investors.

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