National Real Estate Investors Group is currently seeking Private Real Estate Investors to join our Nationwide Network. Our objective is to help individual private real estate investors build a stronger portfolio. Instead of working alone our network helps you leverage the capacity of a group of investors.

Reasons Why Private Real Estate Investors Should Join Our Team

  1. Access to funding for more projects.  Have you let great investment opportunities slip through your hands because your funds were tight? Joining  National Real Estate Investors Group gives you access to additional resources and financing options. By working together with other investors, you have the possibility to invest in larger properties that you would have trouble doing on your own.
  2. Access to Advanced Real Estate Investing Software.  Just like many things in life, Real Estate Investing is a highly technical profession. Private Real Estate Investors who don’t have a way to track their expenses, revenues, comps, projects, and portfolio are more likely to struggle with making profitable investments. Every time you track and simplify your processes using comprehensive Real Estate Investing Software, the better!
  3. Ongoing Training. These days, staying on top changes in the Real Estate Industry can be challenging. When you join National Real Estate Investors Group, you get access to comprehensive and timely real estate education and training. Some of the topics covered in the Complete Course include Fix and Flip strategies, Tax and Legal Courses, Credit Management, Hard Money Lending, Lease Options, and Commercial Real Estate. With lifetime access, Private Real Estate Investors never miss out on important changes to the business.
  4. Professional Mentors and Advisers. Have you ever wanted insight from an expert real estate investor who’s been in your shoes? Private Real Estate Investors who join NREIGRP can access eighteen Real Estate Investors who have achieved their financial goals. If you have questions or concerns, help is just a contact away! Stop lying awake at night and get the guidance to become more successful!

Become a Better Real Estate Investor

Ultimately, our goal is to help Private Real Estate Investors get better at their profession. National Real Estate Investors Group is all about growth, both personally and professionally. By working together, goals become more attainable and opportunities abound! Further, you stay competitive with the training and tools you need to excel.

If you are a motivated Private Real Estate Investor who would like to get more from your profession, call 716-839-2689 today! Our representatives are happy to talk to you about the opportunity to join our Buffalo, NY based group!


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