So you have found the funding for your real estate investment, now learn from the man who literally wrote the book. He will share how to structure your deal and protect interests legally, morally and ethically for all the parties involved in the transaction. Open your business to the more than 14 trillion dollars currently in retirement accounts that could be used for real estate investing. Attorney and author Matt Sorensen, takes you step by step through the basics of contract law, and how structuring your money and partnerships prior to buying the investment property, are just as important as completing your due diligence and ensuring your exit strategy is viable. Understand the requirements of a binding contract and learn how to create contracts that hold true, stabilize your investments, and generate bigger returns. You will also learn the major “gotcha” clauses commonly used in real estate contracts and the components of a buyer’s and seller’s checklist that will help to keep you and each party safe. Take full advantage of the legal protections and tax advantages before you purchase. Make a plan, get it in writing and get it right the first time.