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Whether you are fresh out of Real Estate School and want to learn investing, are new to Real Estate Investing, or have been investing for years, there is never a better time to further your education and invest in yourself. Enroll in Real Estate Investing Courses you can take online, at your convenience and learn at your own pace.  Over 31 Practitioner Instructors teach what they do every single day to help you succeed.

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Launch Your Real Estate Investing Career
With Real Estate Investing Courses!

National Real Estate Investors Group provides leading education and unparalleled support. These Education Courses are on a similar platform as other online universities, allowing students to reap the benefits of ongoing Real Estate Investor Training online. All classes and coursework are updated annually, or sooner when a new strategy is developed, to stay current with changes in the legal, regulatory, and economic climate.

Our goal is to connect with other high caliber individuals who understand the value of a practical, strategic education and the benefits of working with like-minded people in a group setting for top results. Our dynamic team of Real Estate Investors has decades of combined experience in the Real Estate Industry, and they’re happy to share their secret on how they’ve built wealth by working as part of the team.

We educate in all areas of Real Estate Investing, Business Ownership, and Financial Literacy (Velocity Banking).

On Demand Real Estate Courses

Our library is jam-packed with real estate investing courses so you can learn at your own pace. 

If you have a busy lifestyle, you can access our on-demand real estate investment training from any device. 

Save Time & Money Learning Real Estate

Students who follow our system and do the work that’s required follow in the footsteps of those who have already met and exceeded their original sales and financial goals!

Our community specializes in training those who are serious about changing their lives so they can help others to do the same. We celebrate your success! We operate with a Definiteness of Purpose to help others. Let’s work together to realize your true potential!

Get Years of Expertise
In A Fraction Of The Time

We provide our students with access to millionaire real estate investment experts to save time, money and frustration.

Grow Local Communities Across the Nation

The National Real Estate Investors Group grows communities all across the nation with its students.

Create the Lifestyle You Always Dreamed Of

Our goal is to help our students build the lifestyle of their dreams!

Everyone has different reasons for getting involved in real estate investing. Our years of experience have taught us that most beginner real estate investors have deeper motivations for getting started in the industry. 

Helping you achieve your goals and objective for getting involved in real estate investing is our most important mission.

Poised for Success: Dramatically Change Your Life

We are growing communities all across the nation with students who have enrolled in the program.

Our team of Real Estate Investing experts has empowered countless novice and experienced entrepreneurs alike to chart a well-defined course of action that dramatically changed their life. National Real Estate Investors Group works and collaborates with hundreds of the World’s best real estate investors for increased success and ROI. Flexible and convenient online Real Estate Investing Courses allow students to learn at their convenience, but we’ve found that most students complete their training as quickly as possible to start reaping all the benefits the program offers.

With students from around the United States, our Real Estate Investing Group is thriving in a favorable local and National Real Estate Market. Opportunities are everywhere! Our Team of Trained Real Estate Experts is currently developing diverse Real Estate Portfolios including Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Unit Properties in Buffalo, NY and beyond!

National Real Estate Investors Group is a nationwide network of experienced Real Estate Investors. Headquartered in Buffalo, New York our vetted team of Real Estate Investing professionals collaborate to help each other reach goals and realize their lifelong passion while improving the local community by acquiring distressed properties, rehabbing them and making them available for rent or purchase. Our business model unites people and neighborhoods by adding safe, attractive, and functional housing for families of all sizes. As students of our Real Estate Investment Group, our family becomes your family. If you want to make a difference, contact us today!

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