Enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you know you have done everything you can to make sure this next investment is going to deliver the results you have designed into the project. Learn how to spot potential perils in investment properties and how to avoid them before closing. Real estate investor extraordinaire, Chris Albin, with more than 400 properties purchased in his career, takes you through the ins and outs of the due diligence process. Learn what to search for during inspections, how to get more property information from sellers and agents and how to address problems when they arise. Due Diligence is the key for investor success in every transaction. Master the skill of turning due diligence findings into negotiation strategies and dollars at the clos-ing table, all the while protecting hard-earned investment dollars that are held in escrow. Learn the truth about money, mortgages, and closings, as well as the necessity of mentor-ship in your investing career. Mentor with the best as Chris Albin guides you through an assessment, and identify red flags that you should look for and be aware of in every real estate transaction.