Come find out what it REALLY takes to be successful in Real Estate Investing! Real Estate Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. Like any sport, you start with training and conditioning the athlete. In our case, the athlete is the new real estate investor and to reach the finish line it takes practice and conditioning. J. Massey coaches learners through the major obstacles most new investors encounter. From overcoming funding or credit deficiencies to manifesting your investing future, you will learn how
to condition your mind to create investing success. We will cover problem solving and overcoming hurdles in finding agreement with sellers, buyers, agents and vendors. Go in-depth into characteristics that create the most effective investors and how ideas overcome money and credit deficiencies. Find out the secrets to why some students are celebrating victory while others still struggle. Make the connection between helping others and increasing your personal financial success. Your investments will thrive using this step-by-step strategic process that carries ideas from concept to cash!