National Real Estate Investors Group is a member of the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA).

Real Estate Education

Real Estate is a highly competitive industry so it only makes sense that schools for real estate and broker licensing education is also highly competitive. As an owner, trainer or educator, your main goal is to teach students the ins and outs of real estate to maximize their chance of success post-graduation. However, to run a prosperous school there are also practical goals you need to meet in order to maintain enrollment.

Take your curriculum to the next level with an A+ BBB rated education that offers high-margin, high-value educational products to help your students become not only Real Estate Agents and Brokers, but Real Estate Investors. Monetize your enrollment and earn up to $11,200 per student––perfect for both students and alumni!

Real Estate Investing Courses

National Real Estate Investors Group is proud to deliver 10 online essential Real Estate Investing courses that teach students how to build a strong foundation of financial and credit strategies to improve cash flow and set them on a path to success. We also offer advanced, in-depth investor training courses broken down into distinct vocational paths: Real Estate, Wealth Creation, and Wealth Management. This gives the most effective instruction to help students achieve full understanding of their preferred path. The best part? All courses are taught by seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in their respective fields. And, once enrolled, students receive lifetime access to these courses!

How Does This Benefit My Real Estate School?

Why limit the potential of your students when you can expand your existing curriculum to include Real Estate Investing courses? By teaming up with NREIGRP, you:

  • Increase your revenue per student
  • Earn commission on every student enrolled
  • Push your school ahead of your competitors
  • Attract new students nationwide
  • Expand your curriculum to meet the needs and interests of potential or current students

With no Education Purchase required and a variety of plans including a zero cost option, you can offer Real Estate Investing courses without detracting from your existing curriculum.

How Do I Market This Education?

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