Whether making improvements to an existing property in your portfolio or trying your hand at the Fix and Flip strategy, rehabbing a property is one of the best tools an investor has to manage and protect their investments. Brian Sump, master real estate investor takes you on site through a start to finish rehabbing project. See a residential property first hand as Brian describes how to make sure the product you are creating is the right for one for that market. Know when and how to balance features and functionality, all while protecting your bottom line. Learn firsthand the small details of rehabbing, like finish work and lighting, to large project concepts like landscaping and kitchen design. Mastering these concepts can save you thousands in costs and let your subcontractors know that you are a prepared and knowledgeable investor or owner. From two-tone paint to the color of the flowers in the front garden, learn to create the curb appeal and presence that will maximize your sales price and property valuation without eating away your profits. As you move from the property to the classroom, Brian empowers each student to take concepts and apply them to real life practice in one of Renatus’ most popular courses.