Do you have a retirement account, or know someone who does? This crucial Essentials course helps learners maximize their access to potential invest-ments by taking advantage of the seemingly limitless amount of investment funds available through retirement accounts. But you need to be aware of the specific preparation and planning necessary to access the funds the legally and ethically. Attorney and Author, Matt Sorensen, goes step by step through the process of how investors can convert their own retirement accounts to self-direct and invest in real estate! Multiple types of retirement plans are covered in the course, as well rules and policies; do and don’ts that all investors should know when dealing with retirement funds. Learn the difference between what you hear from people on the street and what investors can really do with retirement funds. Know how to address the various legal concerns and where to turn for professional assis-tance when needed. A vigorous discussion of various retirement plan products rounds out a day full of case studies and lively discussion. Discover the true potential of self-directing your retirement plans and be prepared to start working to secure that luxurious future!