A $25,000 franchise for $500? How is this opportunity even available? What’s the catch? What’s the product?

Let’s start backward. The product is money. That’s right, we sell money! Doesn’t sound hard to sell, does it?

In fact, you don’t sell money, you simply tell people you have it!

Everyone needs it right now or will in the future. Our money is for investors buying and selling Commercial real estate. We have literally billions of dollars to lend out to qualified borrowers.

So why on earth would we offer our “franchise” (we call them net branches) for under the market price of $25,000?

The simple fact is we are insanely busy and experiencing explosive growth. Employees are very expensive from office space to salaries to benefits and more.

The big box business model is dead. We want partners to earn side by side together so we are willing to lose money and practically give away our platform until we have enough partners to handle the business we are creating for 2018.

This is an exclusive private membership and if you are reading this post you have been cordially invited / pre-sponsored to participate. This is a very very limited time offer and will go away and or the price will skyrocket to well over $25,000 so please don’t be surprised in 2 months at the price change. That is what competitors charge and we will too. You heard it here first.

Don’t wait! Nothing exists in business out there with this much value and financial upside. There is no glass ceiling so grab your lending company now while you can.

This opportunity is perfect for real estate investors that want to triple income, work from home, or anyone that wants great supplemental income or the ability to build true wealth.

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