Steve D' Anna

Business Partner

Steve is a Business Partner at National Real Estate Investors Group with 20+ years of experience in real estate, construction, and land development. Steve is an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, business consultant, civil engineer, student, coach, and creator of value. He believes in community, teamwork, family, and helping others achieve their goals. He's a student of the EPIC Program (Education, Property, Income, Community) and manages the NREIGRP office in Rochester, New York as he looks to mentor and grow the team from across the United States.

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  • Eliminate Debts of All Sorts!
  • Pay As Much As 66% Less on Annual Taxes!
  • Learn Real Estate Investing!
  • Work With REI Investment Experts!
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  • Earn While You Learn!
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Testimonials and References

"Steve is a get the job done better than anyone else can kind of guy. I have since moved on from Atwell, but the company and experience working with the Naperville branch has stuck with me. As an attorney, I would recommend the company to any group seeking the finest experts in land development and as a developer, I believe the expertise, attention to detail, and speed at cutting through the administrative process is unrivaled."

Travis M.

"Steven is a great leader and has a vision for taking the company into the future."

Michael D.

"Velocity Banking for debt elimination is a high-level strategy that everyone should use. It isn't about the money you're saving for yourself. It's about having the extra resources and money so your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, siblings, your entire family can save for generations! Even better, use the strategy to grow a real estate portfolio! Be the hero for your family and let us show you the path!"

Lori T.

Work With Steve D' Anna to Improve Your Future!

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