It is possible to purchase homes with little to no money down and no credit or new loans! In this class, Brian Sump will help you master this essential investor tool. Find new opportunities for investing by understanding the concepts, advantages, and processes of purchasing property subject-to the seller’s existing financing. Learn how to offer potential sellers all the security and protection that the bank enjoys, while earning a handsome return on their existing assets. Still a loan on the property? No problem. You’ll be able to transform the seller’s existing financing into your investment capital through a specific and legal process. Learn the power of All-Inclusive Notes, Deeds of Trust and/or Mortgages and how title companies help investors turn huge profits every day. Learn the legal, moral and ethical way to utilize existing resources to create win/win investments for sellers, often times maximizing their sell price to you as the investor, or keeping them out of foreclosure and bankruptcy. Find the checklists and master the documents you need to buy properties faster, using less capital than the competition!