One of our most popular courses by far, CPA/Attorney Mark Kohler will blow your mind with new strategies for maximizing your cashflow by minimiz-ing what you pay in taxes. This course covers planning, protection, deductions, entities and assets. Learn everything from the foundational tax and legal strategies, to determin-ing how and when you should form a business, and how to turn that business into a cornerstone of your wealth management program. Learn how to legally move from taking 5-15 deductions to taking advantage of over 450 expenses and deductions as a business owner. As a small business owner you are entitled to take advantage of many of the same (and often more) tax strategies than Big Business. Over two days you will explore how to legally pay your children, how to maximize contributions to retirement accounts, how to protect your assets long term, and why everyone needs to buy at least one investment property per year. High energy and high impact, Mark will show you how he manages his cashflow to pay the US government as little as possible and how you can, too. Discussions will include small business basics, choice of entity and options, rental real estate, and asset protection. Sit back, hold on and take notes, as Mark shares over 100 individual strategies for wealth accumulation and investing success.