Don’t let a lack of knowledge get you into “Hot Water” when you are interviewing and finding those “golden tenants” for your investment properties. In this course, Nicole provides the information, documents and examples you need to confidently interview and negotiate rental agreement for your properties. She lays out the entire tenant placement process, from legal requirements and renter qualifications to interviewing and marketing your rentals. Learn how to successfully comply with Fair Housing and Discrimination laws, especially regarding how you market your property and interview prospective tenants. Know what you can (and cannot) say to market your property. She also covers the details you need to know to accept and verify rental applications that protect you and your real estate investment. She provides the very documents and checklists you need to keep the process as smooth and compliant as possible. Nicole walks you through several real tenant / owner scenarios to cement your new understanding and help you conduct real interviews that create win-win situations for everyone involved. She closes with a vital section on documentation and record-keeping, guiding you along the path to secure and passive income from your real estate investments.