Now that you know how to find the deal, put it under contract, and finance it, let us help you close the deal by completing the sale process and getting paid on your investment. As an investor you only make money on an investment when you close the sale! Christian George takes you through a detailed examination of the roles of each part in a transaction, how to avoid bumps in the road and be familiar with the actual documents and paperwork you will see at the closing table. Learn how to communicate well in advance and make sure that buyers and sellers are properly protected and insured through the closing process. Be aware of typical timelines for banks and title companies so that you can set appropriate expectations when you put investment properties under contract, and be able to complete accurate documentation for a smooth transaction. Gain access to all the resources from title companies and banks that are available to investors. Now you can convert your real estate investments into money in the bank and let your education lead you to bigger and more frequent pay days!