With over 14 years in the title business, Christian George take you into the vast world of understanding mortgages. Learn what the banks look at to qualify potential loans and how both the property and the buyer can impact the lender’s decisions. Prepare at the beginning of the transaction for both the Buyer and Seller, keeping your investing process smooth. Improve your mortgage IQ with a discussion on lending terminology and take a deep dive into the lending packet. You want to be the bank? Learn the rules established by the CFPB for lending and how you can protect your business from potential fines and penalties. Learn how to assess the potential buyer’s strengths and weaknesses before you sign the purchase contract, then become a resource to all the parties in the transaction as you work towards closing. Learn about the different types of loans, their advantages and disadvantages, and the underwriting process and guidelines. Turn potential pitfalls into profits by planning ahead and using various financial products as a tool to close more transactions and increase the size of your investment portfolio.