Improve Your Cash Flow with Velocity Banking

Everyone can use more cashflow.

By utilizing existing banking tools and changing the flow of money in your life, you can change your financial future and retire debt 4 to 5 times more quickly.

  • Hear how numerous community members have become completely debt free and paid off existing 30-year mortgages in less than ten years!
  • Gain understanding of the tools that banks, credit card companies, and other lending institutions use to keep consumers tied up in monthly payments for years and even decades.
  • Discover ways to avoid these tactics when possible and use them to your advantage when it’s right for you.
  • Learn how to budget now and find existing cashflow quickly in your own life, then use existing banking tools you may already have to start the Velocity Banking Process and take back control of your Cashflow.

The wealthy pay less in interest and maximize the power that each dollar contributes to their personal wealth. Now it’s your turn.

Using our sample Velocity Banking Calculator learn how quickly you can retire your debt and reach a life of wealth and prosperity. Once you have mastered Velocity Banking, your goal can be to increase your financial freedom, invest in more real estate, and build wealth for generations to come.

Michael Harrington, CEO

National Real Estate Investors Group

As a seasoned expert in Commercial Real Estate Development and Real Estate Investing with over 25 years of experience, my passion is empowering people to get control of their financial future.  By learning the strategies to leverage existing financial mechanisms to their advantage, pay off debt (using the banks money), leverage the tax code and start a business, and learning to correctly invest in real estate, individuals have an opportunity to be financially independent regardless of the economy.