Participate in the Wealth Factory’s® signature workshop where New York Times Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Wealth Coach, Garrett Gunderson, teaches you how to find financial independence and create sustainable wealth and freedom. Safeguard your financial future and your family legacy with insurance planning, estate planning, savings structuring, basic asset protection and much, much more. Conduct a financial health assessment and find your financial baseline to determine how and where you may need professional advisors to reach your financial goals. Using the 5-steps of Wealth Architecture© Garrett walks you through an evaluation of your existing finances and teaches some finance fundamentals that can help everyone quickly achieve greater cashflow and financial security. Deep dive into discussions on insurance, estate planning, legacy planning, time value of money, diversification vs. specialization and so much more. Discover your financial blind spots, recover cash, and strategically engineer your family’s wealth for generations to come. When you apply these tools to accelerate investment income, scale business revenue and map out your financial blueprint, you are well on your way to a wealthier and more productive life!