What is your most valuable real estate? It’s you! Transform your life into a Champion Life with Ron Williams’ course as this amazing life coach addresses the need for a well-balanced healthy life. He provides vital information on exercise fundamentals, answering questions about when, what and how we should use our bodies. He introduces the three energy systems and how each one is used for a specific purpose and to reach specific goals. Ron also covers body sculpting, with information that is usable for everyone, from obese to average to competitive performer. Ron also shares his passionate love of Core Nutrition. Learn how a body reacts to the different types of food and water we choose to take in and understand what changes need to be made to reach optimal health. Soak up the surprising knowledge in this intriguing course and allow your mindset to expand as Ron shares his unique approach to a healthy life. As one of the most decorated natural body builders in the world and a Christian pastor, Ron’s inspiring philosophy combines physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Choose to take control of your health, embrace your best self and elevate yourself to live a true Champion Life.