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Are you looking for a promising career in an evergreen industry? Are you motivated to change your financial future for the better? If so, we want to talk to you! Based in Buffalo, New York, National Real Estate Investors Group is expanding both our exclusive local and Nationwide network to include self-starters with a resolute drive to achieve!

Our goal is to connect with other high caliber individuals who understand the value of a practical, strategic education and the benefits of working with like-minded people in a group setting for top results. Our dynamic team of Real Estate Investors has decades of combined experience in the Real Estate Industry, and they’re happy to share their secret on how they’ve built Inter-Generational wealth by working as part of our team.

We mentor and educate about all areas of how to succeed in Real Estate Investing and Business Ownership, so any questions you have about Tax and Legal, Marketing, Asset Protection, Negotiation, Raising Capital, and re-investing don’t have to go unanswered.

Members and students who follow our system and do the work that’s required, follow in the footsteps of those who have already met and exceeded their original sales and financial goals!

Our community specializes in mentoring and training those who are serious about changing their lives so they can help others to do the same. We celebrate your success! We operate with a Definiteness of Purpose to help others. Let’s work together to realize your true potential!

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Some of Our Members and Instructors

Chris Albin

Jeff Armstrong

Ryan Bloxham

Darren Davis

John Dessaur

Christian George

Mark Kohler

J Massey

John McCants

Bob Snyder

Mat Sorensen

Kendall Stock

Brian Sump

Chris Wilson

Hugh Zaretsky

Eric Counts

Real People. Real Support. Real Success!

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Launch Your Real Estate Investing Career With Our REI Courses!

National Real Estate Investors Group provides leading Education, unparalleled support, and extensive mentoring programs for members in the United States. Our members reap the benefits of lifetime access to ongoing Real Estate Investor Training online as well as In-Person Instructions and Networking Events at our New Training Center in Buffalo, New York. All classes and coursework are updated annually to stay current with changes in the legal, regulatory, and economic climate.


Module 1 – The Essentials
This Essential REI Course builds a solid foundation for a prosperous future.

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Module 2 – Advanced Combination
Take your Real Estate Investment Training to the next level! This course is more extensive and includes the Complete Essentials Course.

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Module 3 – Complete Real Estate Investing Education
The Ultimate Course in Real Estate Investor Training! This Accelerated Course teaches students everything they need to know to establish a lucrative career as an REI professional.

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Membership Opportunities

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Now Seeking Motivated Members to Join Our Team!

With students and members from around the United States, our REI Group is thriving in a favorable local and National Real Estate Market. Opportunities are everywhere! Our Team of Trained Real Estate Experts is currently developing diverse Real Estate Portfolios including Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Unit Properties in Buffalo, NY and beyond!

Poised for success, we teach, we mentor, and we celebrate the success of our students and members. Our goal is to help people free themselves from the W-2 world working with our nationwide group of Real Estate Investors.

If – for some reason – you don’t want to become a successful REI professional, our updated education course teaches ordinary people how they can pay off an existing mortgage in 7-10 years WITHOUT making extra payments or increasing a monthly budget! Better yet, this strategy works on paying off student loans and other types of secured and unsecured debt.


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