Create The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams With Real Estate Investing

We inspire and support our members to create passive income with real estate investing so you can live life on your own terms.

On Demand Real Estate Courses

Our library is jam-packed with real estate investing courses so you can learn at your own pace. 

If you have a busy lifestyle, you can access our on-demand real estate investment training from any device. 

In addition to our courses, you can also get live 1 on 1 support with successful real estate investment mentors. 


Secrets to making Auctions work using lead-generation, due diligence & best bid strategies.  


Master face-to-face interactions and secure positive results in your transactions. 

Buy & Hold

Make your Long-term property investments more lucrative with the right property, exit strategy and transaction control.

Commercial Analysis

Commercial investments have the greatest potential. Know which ones are worth the risk with Commercial Analysis tools.

Business Credit

Learn the best ways to create, improve and maintain excellent business credit.

Velocity Banking

Take control of your finances in surprising ways, when you rapidly reduce debt.


Add strength and validity to a transaction when you conquer the templates, checklists, instructions, and agreements.

Financial Strategies

Match the right type of funding with your purchase. Identify the best account and strategy for each real estate transaction.

Save Time & Money Learning Real Estate

Learn at your own pace from any device with our online training.

We provide you with a 1 on 1 mentor to save you time, money and frustration learning how to become a successful real estate investor.

Get Years Of Expertise In A Fraction Of The Time

We provide our members access to millionare real estate investment experts to save time, money and frustration. 

With our live mentors, you can gain years of knowledge and expertise in a fraction of the time it would take to do it alone without the help of someone that learned the hard way already.

Get help & support with actual real estate deals

We help our members analyze their deals so they feel more confident in the likelihood of making a large profit on deals.

It can be scary doing your first real estate deal, and for some people it’s a make or break scenario. We solve that problem by helping you analyze your deals to reduce your risk and increase your profit. 

Create The Lifestyle You Always Dreamed Of

Our goal is to help you build the lifestyle of your dreams!

Everyone has different reasons for getting involved in real estate investing. Our years of experience have taught us that most beginner real estate investors have deeper motivations for getting started in the industry. 

Helping you achieve your goals and objective for getting involved in real estate investing is our most important mission. 

” like the fact that I was able to take back control… Take a look at your own path to retirement. You can take control, you can build a better retirement for yourself!

Jean Powers

Jean was an award-winning B2B sales professional. She came to us 7 years ago to reinvent herself, become an entrepreneur & real estate investor. She now has 6 businesses and is a PAC member. She is married, has a son and lives near Chicago.


We believe in helping our members create the life of their dreams with real estate investing. 

If you have questions that can’t be found here in our frequently asked questions section, feel free to reach out to us, and we will be glad to answer any further questions you may have about or program. 

What is National Real Estate Investors Group?

National Real Estate Investors Group is a Nationwide Group of Expert Real Estate Investors who are committed to helping individuals learn Real Estate Investing strategies to leverage existing financial processes and mechanisms.

When was NREIGRP founded?

National Real Estate Investors Group was founded in 2014. We start out simply providing our members with online training, but have grown to a community of mentors and instructors providing 1 on 1 support and guidance to our members to help them succeed even faster. 

What does NREIGRP believe?

We value honesty, integrity, teamwork, and investing our time into helping motivated entrepreneurs succeed. Our Mission is to provide you with the best education, resources, and support.

What are the main services NREIGRP provides?

Our community specializes in mentoring and training those who are serious about changing their lives so they can help others to do the same. We celebrate your success! We operate with a Definiteness of Purpose to help others.

Who is this program a good fit for?

Our program is a great fit for real estate investors struggling to get results alone, real estate agents, real estate brokers, and real estate schools looking to add more value to their curriculum, and maximize profitability.  

How do I get started?

When you are ready to get started, simply fill out the form on our contact page, and we will reach out to you to setup a meeting to see if you are a good fit for our program. 

Essentials Courses

The Essentials Learning Path was designed to provide an affordable, efficient and convenient method for learning the essential topics in real estate investing.

Accelerated Investor Training

The Accelerated Investor Training (A.I.T.) Learning Paths offer a focused learning experience taught by seasoned professionals with hands-on experience.

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