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National Real Estate Investors Group is a nationwide group of real estate investors and business owners. We are currently expanding our exclusive network across the entire country with a goal of providing one (1) million entrepreneurs with the tools, education and resources to create six (6) figure incomes and inter-generational wealth by working within our group. We are looking for other high caliber individuals that understand the value of practical, strategic education and the benefit of working with a group of like-minded individuals to change people’s lives.

We mentor and educate in all areas of how to succeed in the world of real estate investing and business ownership, including; tax & legal, marketing, asset protection, negotiation, raising capital and re-investing. If you’re serious about investing and have what it takes contact us today at (866) 871-9170 and get started on changing your future like you never imagined. As long as you follow our proven system, and do the work, you could be afforded the same success like the thousands that took action before you!

In addition, we are a community that mentors and trains those serious about making a huge difference in their lives so they can assist others to do the same. We celebrate your success! Why is the group so focused and powerful? We all have the same education and training. We operate with a Definiteness of Purpose that is helping others. Would you like to make your contribution? Would you like to realize your own true potential? Don’t sit on the sidelines, get in the game.


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Meet The Instructors

Chris Albin

Jeff Armstrong

Ryan Bloxham

Darren Davis

John Dessaur

Christian George

Mark Kohler

J Massey

John McCants

Bob Snyder

Mat Sorensen

Kendall Stock

Brian Sump

Chris Wilson

Hugh Zaretsky

Eric Counts


Start Your Career In Real Estate Investing and
Take Advantage Of Our 3 Learning Levels

We provide the best education, support, and mentoring in the country. All of our members get our education so we know that we are working with competent individuals. We are looking for members to join for life, so we offer lifetime access to our education for serious investors. Our education includes classes on tax & legal topics, marketing, asset protection, negotiation, and raising capital in addition to classes on the 4 levels of Real Estate investing. The classes are updated every year to keep up with changes in the legal, regulatory, and economic climate.


Module 1 – The Essentials
Set a solid foundation for
a successful future



Module 2 – Advanced Combination
Taking Real Estate Investment Opportunities To The Next Level.
Includes The Complete Essentials Course



Module 3 – Complete Real Estate Investing Education
Accelerated Investor Training


Career Opportunites

A Proven Real Estate Investment Group That Works For You!
Top Commission Only Sales Professionals Needed – 200K+/year

Over 10,000 students have enrolled in our education and are learning how to purchase properties at .25 to .50 on the dollar and are developing their portfolios in every area of real estate investing. We teach, we mentor, and we celebrate the success of our students as they set themselves free of the W-2 world as a member of our nationwide group of real estate investors.

The newest education course teaches enrolled students how to pay off an existing mortgage in 7-10 years WITHOUT making any extra payments or an increase in monthly budgets! . This strategy also works on student loans, car payments, credit card debt, etc.

If you are a Top Commission Only Sales Professional and if you believe you have what it takes to make (6) Figures with us, contact me immediately. I will then have you look at the (3) part Customer Exposure Process that you will be sending to your interested prospects.

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